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Clear Zip Lock Bags

These are stocked in a range of standard sizes from 1.5” x 2.5” (38 x 63mm) up to 15 x 20” (381 x 508mm) with sizes up to 10 x 14” (254 x 355mm) available with a write on panel suitable for writing on information such as part numbers

Clear Polythene Bags

We stock a range of Clear bags in Light Duty (100 to 120 gauge) Medium Duty (200 to 250 gauge) and Heavy Duty (400 to 500 gauge). Non standard bags are available should you need them and we will be happy to quote for your requirements

Bin & Refuse Sacks

Our Black Polythene Refuse Sacks are made from recycled polythene and are 40 microns thick. The size that we stock is 18 x 29 x 39” This size will fit around the rim of a standard Dustbin.

Mailing Sacks

There is a range of Mailing Sacks always in stock.  From 250mm x 350mm to 600mm x 700mm standard grays sacks suited for use for parcel and post dispatches,  

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