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CAMPACK speciality LP Mailers

Self Adhesive Padded Envelopes

Featherpost bags provide protection for your items with an inner bubble lining, and their light weight helps keep postage costs as low as possible.

Documents Enclosed Adhesive Envelopes

IThese handy self adhesive envelopes are stocked in three sizes, A7 (113 x 100mm), A6 (160 x 110mm) and A5 225 x 165mm).

PIP Boxes

Pricing in Proportion (or PIP) boxes are ideal for lowering postage costs. We manufacture four different sizes, three of which fit through the standard 25mm slot.  That means Royal Mail will class them as a large letter. 

CD & DVD Mailing Boxes

Corrugated postal boxes are perfect for a safe delivery method.

Mailing Sacks

There is a range of Mailing Sacks always in stock.  From 250mm x 350mm to 600mm x 700mm standard grays sacks suited for use for parcel and post dispatches

Packing Foam

Packaging foam is a gentle alternative to more traditional types of packaging such as corrugated paper and can be used to protect items that need special care and attention, offering protection from scuffing and abrasion.

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