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Steve Rush & Co. Sales Agency


Steve Rush is the owner of Campack.  Prior to purchasing the company in mid 2015, he created and developed Jena UK Ltd into a market leading manufacturer and supplier of catering-related packaging products over the preceding 15 years.  


Having successfully sold that business, he is taking that 25 years of experience and offering to do for other manufacturers what he did for his own company.  This new Sales Agency business, a department within Campack, will use this knowledge to deliver packaging & catering products into the UK's Retail, Cash & Carry, and wholesale markets.  





In a customer facing role, he has experience selling to some of the most demanding customers, including Wal-Mart, Tesco, Costco, Booker, Makro, Bunzl, and many others.  He developed export business in Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, & Ireland.


Steve Rush & Co will open doors and manage your products in a way the customer wants it done.  In combination with Campack's manufacturing facilities, multiple storage options, and CAD for testing packaging options, the is no easier way to get a chance to trial your products in the UK retail and C&C sectors. 

Representing packaging manufacturers

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