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Bubble Film

It’s not just for sitting in front of the television with and popping the bubbles when you’ve had a bad day. It’s available in a variety of sizes and formats and will protect those oddball items that you need to get from here to there without the heartbreaking tinkle of broken glass.

Anti Static Medium Bubble Film

We are able to supply Anti-Static Bubblefilm in bundles 1500mm wide. This can be cut down to 2 rolls 750mm wide, 3 rolls 500mm wide or 5 rolls 300mm wide.

Corrugated Paper - Single Flute

Not the most aesthetically pleasing we grant you, and not the newest of innovations - Charles Dickens probably packed his trinkets in this stuff. Good things never go out of style and it remains the choice of thousands for protective wrapping. Available in several grades and sizes.

Packaging Foam

Packaging foam is a gentle alternative to more traditional types of packaging such as corrugated paper and can be used to protect items that need special care and attention, offering protection from scuffing and abrasion.


We have two types – the one you can eat and the one that will give you appendicitis. Only joking - don’t eat either. Our bio version though, is made from starch and will change state if you wet it. For those products that are fragile and valuable though, you should consider our polystyrene version. It’s as tough as old boots, and is fully reusable and recyclable.

Stretch Film

We have a wide range of pallet wrap for protecting and shipping your products.  From 17mu to 34mu, black and clear. 

Acid Free Tissue

We have 500x750mm and 250 x 750mm acide free tissue paper stocked in all depots. With a slight glaze to one side this 18gsm paper is Ph neutral to prevent tarnishing. It is ideal for protecting delicate products.


Black and white 12mm strapping is available for machine and hand applications.  Reels of up to 3000m are in stock.  

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