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Self Adhesive Tape

200 metre rolls wound on small cores, therefore only requires one third of the storage space needed for conventional tape. Brown and Clear options available


Pre Printed Tape

We have a range of Standard Print Tapes with FRAGILE and other warning notices available. We are also able to supply Self Adhesive Tape printed to your specification with one, two or three colours

Gummed Paper Tape

This is one of the most old fashioned products that we supply but it has undergone a bit of a resurgance in popularity over recent years due to it being the most easily recyclable tape on the market.

Carton Tape

We have two types of carton closure tape, Our premier tape is a 35 micron Polypropylene film with a Solvent Based Adhesive this is a tape that will tackle any application. We also sell a Low Noise tape with an Acrylic based adhesive, this is a very good every day use and general packing tape that will serve you well.

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50mm / 2 Inch Packaging Tape


Standard 66m length rolls or extra-long 150m rolls of tape on a smaller core (cost-effective and better for the environment). All tapes are 50mm wide (2 inches)

  • Acrylic: general purpose, +15 to +65°C temp

  • Hotmelt: general purpose, +5 to +50°C temp

  • Low Noise: quiet off the roll, +15 to +65°C temp

  • Solvent: quiet off the roll, -20 to +50°C temp

  • PVC: premium quality, hand-tearable, -25 to +50°C


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